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Can't connect to seeds, but everything says "go"..


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For some odd reason, I can't seem to connect to seeds on this particular torrent.

It worked until I got to 83.5%, and then came to a full stop. There are plenty of seeders in the swarm, but I can't seem to connect to any of those, and it looks like I'm not the only one, as many of the peers are stuck at the same % as I am. I'm already at almost 6Gig, so I really don't want to redownload all that.

Anyone know if there is a workaround to this? Or what might be causing it?

Here is a screen of the uTorrent window, and some info on my connection and my current configuration:


My speed [Updated 29.12.06]

DOWN: 5472kb/s = 684kB/s
UP: 414kb/s = 52kB/s
Port: [removed for security reasons, but it's forwarded, and unblocked in all possible ways ^^] (29.12.06)

Maximum upload speed = 41
Maximum download speed = 616
Global maximum number of connections = 250
Maximum connected peers per torrent = 67
Maximum upload slots = 9
Maximum number of active torrets: 3
Maximum number of active downloads: 2
Ratio is: <=150% or seeding time is: <=12h

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It's almost certainly a FAKE torrent.

But for your settings,

Try lowering upload slots a little -- to 4-6, and checking use additional if <90% upload speed.

Might as well raise connections per torrent to 80 or reduce global connection max to 200, as with current settings the global max would never be reached short of inactive torrents.

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