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Initial Seeder option


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Sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find anything relating to it.

After clicking properties and advanced, to limit upload speeds between various torrents I'm uploading, (to spread bandwidth more equally) I saw the checkbox called "Initial seeding". Can you tell me if there is any advantage in using this option for uploaders such as myself?

I've tried unchecking/checking but seen no real difference but then again, most of my uploads have been running for a while and perhaps it doesn't work if its used after the torrent has already started?

Basically, can you tell me what it is and would it be beneficial to use it before starting the next uploaded torrent?

Thanks in advance.

p.s. I seem to have tried most of the torrent clients available but always end up back with this one. Good work.

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Just can't find anything written anywhere on this option.

"Its to improve the spread of the pieces on a new torrent amongst the peers and does more harm then good if used at a later stadium or by other seeders."

I didn't notice any real difference after I checked it but the 5.44gb file I was seeding took 9 days to produce the 1st completion and I uploaded 18.5gb from my end. That's the longest time I've seeded before it hit a availability ratio of 2.

I'll use it from the initial upload from now on.

Thanks for the advice.

(Couldn't something be set in writing as to what this option does? Maybe in the FAQ?)

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I have got a file roughly same size to start uploading this weekend so I'll try it on that and see if I get seeders quicker. I may have condemned them to an 8 day (5.4gb) download ticking the initial seeder box after it had started. Lesson learned.

Thanks for info guys. Appreciate it.

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