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PC goes "nuts" when downloading a popular torrent...?


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Hi everyone,

OK, I've been using uTorrent for about 6 downloads (not long), but it's been working superbly!

Then last night I started a torrent on an unspecific something and I was getting great speeds (as you would expect).

THEN - I could not surf the net - I was disconnected. Then my PC was running like I had about 50 programs opened!!! The mouse would only move every 5 seconds...everyone has had this feeling I'm sure...

Bottom line - the PC was running terribly...yet the download was downloading fine....but no websites could be connected...?

Now before anyone suggests I limit the bandwidth, I downloaded another show earlier at around the same speeds and still surfed the Net fine...it just seemed to be this show! PLUS when I was seeding the show later in the day (after download) it was still playing up....??


Or just unlucky?

I have read a few posts about being thrown-off the Net....disturbing...


ed/sf: iirc, home-recordings of concerts are for home use only, and ripped videos are illegal :X

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Happened to me too one time. I can't really say for what reason, but restarting µTorrent didn't help (restarting system did), so I take it µTorrent got nothing to do with it. Also, I didn't use more than 40% of the bandwidth at that time.

One thing about it though: An error message saying "An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket" appeared in the trackerstatus field, but after I did some research, this is note a very rare problem, and even if it's related to µTorrent, it happens in other programs and on other platforms (i.e. Unix) as well.

This errormessage was shown in another iRoffer at the same time: "No buffer space available".

The only thing I had modified before it happened was the amount of halfopen connections allowed, but I didn't set it to an unreasonably high number.

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OK - well I downloaded another "active" torrent and this time I simply could not connect to the internet while it was downloading! Something is not right! The PC was acting fine however.

Why is it that a popular torrent will disconnect me to the internet ?????

I am also downloading another torrent which is downloading at around 1/5 of my available speed and this is no problems. It just seems that when I have a torrent operating at around 90% of my download capability it throws me off the internet & e-mail server!

And when this torrent is completed then I am able to connect to the internet and e-mail server....???!!!!

Please explain ??


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What is your Global maximum number of connections set at? How is your net.slow_connect advanced option set? Did you tweak your WinXP for the half open connection limit? Can you see any evidence that your modem or router restarted?

These are a couple of things you could look at to see if you are hitting some connection limitation. Bittorrent will quickly use a lot of connections (particularly on popular torrents) and your system might not be coping well with that.

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