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really amazing client!


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My,first post here and I can say only whooou :lol: So small client and have all stuff like the big ones!

I use BitComet for years now,becouse for now is best working client fom me,but today I found yours client and I try it.I must say that I compare bitcomet and µTorrent with same file about download speed.µTorrent here is downloaded with smallest speed like bitcomet wit almost same settings,but found also the same number of seeders,so maybae just a litle work at this ;)

The second things is my language characters.When I start bittorrent with name like this:Matjaž Jaušnik(european 1250 ) the downloade file is something else:MatjaĹľ Javšnik.I know this is a small not really needed stuff,but it be nice if this can be fixed to :oops:

but Hey,you do a really great work on this client,so please keep up this good work and Thanx a lot!I hope this one will be my favorite client!

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