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"small" bug in update process


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on the recent update to utorrent, i realised there is a small bug in the update process.

here is what happened:

i am running 2 utorrents from 2 different directories.

to do this i am passing "/RECOVER" as a parameter to both.

both utorrents yesterday told be there was a new version and if i wanted to update.

i told both i wanted to update.

both utorrents close and update then they are restarted.

the problem is that is seems that they are restarted without the parameters with which they were originaly started.

so 1 utorrent starts up (with no /RECOVER) then the next never starts.

that is my interpretation. my opinion is that utorrent should save the parameters it is passed when it is started,

and if an update is done, when it restarts, it should restart with all the parameters it was passed originaly.

not a significant problem, but simple to correct in my judgment.

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3 years later the problem still not solved, not even acknowledged?

To sum this up, when two uTorrent clients are running simultaneously, after update of any one of them, it will close the client and will not start it as it supposed to, because it would not use /RECOVER command. Basically the updater fails to recognize this command before it tries restart uT.

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