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Packet loss when limiting download speed


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I'm pretty damn sure that port forwarding is done on your side, unless your ISP actively blocks ports.

[11:42:26] * Network name : NO-HEMNEKRAFTLAG
[11:42:26] * Infos : Hemne Kraftlag AL
[11:42:26] * Country : Norway (NO)
[11:42:26] * Abuse E-mail : abuse@banetele.com
[11:42:26] * Source : RIPE

The network consists of more than 12,500 domestic route kilometers (km) of fiber, from which we provide capacity and communication products and services based on DWDM, SDH and ADSL/SDSL.

I may be wrong on this, but I highly doubt that they'd block ports on DSL or fiber service lines. Throttle maybe, but I doubt they'd block.

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Not sure what is going on there but for uTorrent to limit download speed I would assume it would have to drop packets as it cannot control incoming traffic. However if it drops a few packets I believe that flow control should kick in a slow things down _basically_.

Not sure why you are experiencing packet loss like that though.

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