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Status Error:Cannot open .torrent file: J:\torrent\(torrentname).torre


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I had to transfer my torrent files from an external HD (J:\) to C:\ within the same system. and have reconfigured uTorrent so that I can leech & seed to the new location. Any new downloads work properly.

However, after the transfer, I find I am unable to seed my old torrents as uTorrent displaces a status error message (upper right window) which reads: "Error: Cannot open .torrent file: J:\torrent\(torrentname).torrent". My torrents were on J:\torrent\ and are now on C:\torrent\ .

I have deleted all of the previous .torrent files and have download new ones for these files to the proper new location, with no change in the status.

Any suggestions as to how can I correct this status problem .

Thanks in advance.

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I have reconfigured the preferences and have successfully D/L'd a new torrent to the proper new location and am now seeding same. I have also deleted all of the old .torrent files and D/L'd new ones to the new proper location. This action resulted in no change in the status error.

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As this problem raised its ugly head last week, the program has been restarted, actually my system has been rebooted, numerous times since I reconfigured uTorrent.

Allow me to reiterate, as long as I am D/L'ing new torrents, the program works properly. The new .torrent goes into the proper directory as does what I am downloading. When it comes to new torrent downloads, uTorrrent works well.

My old torrents are another story. They result in the status error message as described above and seeding does not occur.

If this a bug and you folks don't have an answer than I guess I'm left with a problem.

What do I do with my old torrents?

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You specifically changed "store .torrent files in"? If you did, and it's not working, then there's a bug.

Actually, considering as though uT stores each torrent's path individually, there's no way to go back and change - or even locate - a torrent's .torrent file (unless you know where it is, e.g. %appdata%\uTorrent). So even changing the "store torrent files in" location won't change the location of existing torrents. Unfortunate, yes... unnecessary, yes... it would really be nice if uTorrent would stop storing absolute locations of .torrent files. =(

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The problem was so simple, I should have thought if it before coming to this forum.

Communication or better put mis-communications.

I was told before posting here that I needed to "delete the .torrent" and re-download the .torrent to the new location. I deleted the .torrent files via Windows Explorer. Wrong. I should have been deleting them through uTorrent.

After stumbling upon this I very quickly corrected the problem and am now actively seeding all my old downloads.

If the person who initially told me to "delete the .torrent" had of also said "through uTorrent", I wouldn't have had this problem.

Communication - they intended one way whereas I was thinking another.

Hopefully what I'm trying to say is understandable.

Problem resolved. No bug.

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