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why is 1.2 so much slower for me?


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By the way, I know you said everything was hypothetical there.. but I'm in Australia, and I'm not having problems.. ;)

Regarding the hypotheses (geographical-latency related bugs etc.) , and the new beta - you are all welcome to test that on the (legal) torrent I posted in this Beta related thread 'next' to you ...

I think that the results will be - DL @ your full bandwidth even from Australia... ! I believe it's peers are spread all over with ~50% in the US, but they are "good" pears . My point is that I think latency (+ your MTU/RWIN TCP parameters) is effecting the speed of a single connection only when it reaches the connection's higher DL rates. This is not true in most cases of public trackers/peers.

It leaves us, again, with the main factor that, I think, determines your speed - which is how good is your BT client in finding as many "good" peers as possible and throwing away the "bad" ones (=DHT + trackers + peer data exchange + the logic behind )

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I'm just starting to search for a solution to my speed problem but there is a problem with this new version. I've been using utorrent exclusively for at least 6 months with good results. Since upgrading to the newest version, my speed has slowed to a crawl. I'm using the same trackers and downloading from the same sites I always have. The difference with the new version on my computer is that it won't connect to the seeds. Or at least that's what it seems like. Right now I'm downloading 3 torrents. Two are showing inf and have for several hours although there are several seeds for each. Maybe it's a coincidence but this never happened with the earlier version.

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