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speed not shown


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i reported it on IRC, but just wanted to make sure someone sees it before i forgot about it..

i was uploading to a single peer at around 500kb/s (he told me that, and i could see it in the peer dl. column), i could see the amount uploaded increasing, and my ratio for that torrent going higher, but i could see anything in the speed column in the peer list or anywhere else that indicates that i'm actually uploading to him.. the global upload speed for that torrent was around 0kb/s..

he's actually on my LAN although we were not connected through our local IPs, but to our external..

after several restarts and 10 minutes later it was gone.. dunno what happened to it, or if it has happened several times more because nothing indicates that i'm uploading at all..

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If I remember correctly, the peer download speed isn't exactly an accurate measure of how fast the peer is getting data. I've long since turned that column off since from what I've seen, it's simply an 'act busy so people think you work' thing.

EDIT: A? An? At 6 in the morning, who cares? ^_^;;

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i know that i cant count on the peer dl. column..

the thing is, my amount uploaded is increasing as if i am uploading at 500kb/s and the guy that's downloading from me (i know him personally) says that he's seeing my IP uploading to him at 500kb/s.. it seems like i really am, it just is not shown..

it just happened again, updated to 1170 - same thing..


when he added my local IP locally everything seemed to work fine there.. but the traffic caused to the external IP is not counted globally..

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I'm too using 1.7 beta build 2248, tested with non-local peers, same problem there, uploadspeed is not correct, uploaded at approx. 150 kb/sek but in UT it only looked like 0.7 kb/sek on the global meter, and on the "per torrent" upload there was nothing.

Maybe I should add that Im running on Vista, don't know if that's needed.

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( dabreaka ) ah, found the bug.. finally..

( dabreaka ) alus, when bt.limit_local_peers is set to false, that happens - http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=22230

( dabreaka ) the speed is unlimited but not shown.. :)

(fuflo ) if you weren't on lan, how is he your local peer? :|

( dabreaka ) who said i'm not on lan?

.•• l0c4lh0st ( ~r00t@ ) has quit IRC ( Quit: .•«UPP»•. )

(fuflo ) i misread a bit.

( dabreaka ) :)

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