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Drag and Drop Request


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Drag a torrent listed in the area on the right

and drop it onto a Label listed in the area on the left...

assuming there is a Label already in the list.

This will greatly enhance the ability to manage the files.

See if I can set up an example.

Lets say...

you download a file but intend to use it later.

You've labeled something in the past... "Save for Later"

that Label is listed along the left.

You drag and drop the newly downloaded torrents name onto the "Save for Later" Label

and it gets Labeled as such.

In the past.... you've also created a Label named.... "Finished. Uploading"

for files you were finished with.... but was kind enough to hang onto it

so you could upload it to others.

After using the file downloaded earlier....

you drag it from the list on the right and onto the Label listed as "Finished. Uploading"

To the user... it appears to be dropping it into a folder like in Explorer

But its actually just setting the Label Property

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bit torrent doesn't make any assumptions about the way the user organizes his or her torrents, save that it assumes you don't want to freely organize them *however* you want... you can only sort by the headings, and move around downloading torrents when you sort by number.

so... implementing a labels system such as that suggested may make a sorting option that is more accessible for newbs, average joes, and ppl who are lazy or like to do things real fast.

however, that being said, i'm not one of those persons. ;)

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Don't be lazy. It takes two clicks to change the label.

It's not lazyness! It's the need for speed! :D

Some people like things to be performed ASAP, and prefer not to start clicking, or typing, their way to their goal. I'm one of them, of course... :)

That's why applications implement stuff like HotKeys, Mouse Gestures, Drag-And-Drop (like in the current case), and more...

I guess I have to agree with the original poster. :)



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