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Crashes when I try to add a torrent


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This just started today. When I try to add a torrent it crashes. The message is:

uTorrent has crashed, and uTorrent will now restart.

A crash dump will be saved as C:\Program Files\uTorrent\437-utorrent.815c.dmp

Do you want to submit this to the developers?

Was running 1.6 when this happened.

I can't get beyond this now. Help!

Operating system (including version and if it's 32 or 64 bit):

Window XP Professional 32 bit

Motherboard chipset (if you know it):

x86 Family Model 6 Model 14

Antivirus Software:

Symantic Anitvirus

Firewall Software:

none, I think


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The right-click still shuts/exits IE down before I'm able to save as.


So I downloaded 1.7 to another PC and copied the file to my PC, installed it and now running 1.7 beta. Same problem still. The crash when I try to add a torrent.

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