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How to add a tracker to a .torrent file without recreating it?

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How can I add a tracker to a .torrent file without actually HAVING the contents of the torrent?

Like if I downloaded the .torrent for a 9GB DVD, and want to allow users to use my tracker to download this torrent, how can I modify the .torrent to include this tracker so that I may then re-distribute this .torrent and have the tracker ALREADY contained within it once users open the .torrent in their client?

Is it even possible?

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So what are the editor applications called? This thread is the first (and only) search result for "modifying tracker information", which is what brought me here in the first place, only to find a disappointing smartass remark to a perfectly valid question.

Not trying to be a jerk, but I'm going to put this into perspective for future reference. If someone came up to you and said "Hi, could you help me out? I need to get from here to the library."

Would you:

A.)Tell them simple directions <Point A ---to--- Point B>

B.)Point them to some reference material (e.g. ~a map)

C.)You say nothing. (If you don't have anything nice to say..)

D.)Tell them "There are two dimensional representations of topographical locations just for that purpose." Then walk away. Maybe suggest that they "search for it", and when that person queries another person they point at you and say "That guy works at the library, he probably knows how to get there.."

Do you understand what I'm getting at there? I'm making an allusion to your inconsiderate response and the irony that by searching for the little information you provided leads directly back to the aforementioned inconsiderate response.

Well anyways, it took me a little while (though not nearly as long as it would take to get a straight answer from a forum troll), but I found a little web app that does just what the OP was asking for, it's @ http://www.torrenteditor.com/ Hope that this is of use to the next person who comes looking for some helpful information.

Looking forward,


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ANNOUNCE-LIST key. Editing it manually in a hex editor, or using a bencoding-decoder capable editor like Ultima's sexy one linked above and below.

He was quite helpful, you asked "can you?" he said "yes."

He's not much for conversation. Think of it this way, even if you phrased it like "What do I need to change in a torrent file to add my own tracker to a .torrent's tracker list"... he would have told you to use google or maybe even on a good day linked you to a search on google.

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