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upload higher than download speed


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Hello, I am using numbers from azureus irc calculations .

I am uploading on speed tests at 690kbps.

I went to calculate this result on irc in azureus.

This is what I get

I'll just mark numbers ,most know what they are for:






O.k so i put there in utorrent but seem to be getting higher upload speeds

can anyone help out with these numbers , maybe i need a tweak somewhere.


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Welcome to BBR! Run more tests! see forums

2005-11-14 19:50:05 EST: 2450 / 647

Your download speed : 2450 kbps or 306.2 KB/sec.

Your upload speed : 647 kbps or 80.9 KB/sec.

This is one of many tests i have done from dsl reports, basically all the same results. I have my entries that i put into utorrent here:

68 - upload speed

0 - download speed

8 - number of seeding torrents

206 - connections per torrent

688 - total connection

What do u think is wrong with the uploads being so high?

Many thks

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