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Utorrent ruins system.


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I first off used Bittornado on XP, my computer decided to completely lock up all of a sudden or behave erratically. I didn't know what was causing it so I loaded up with Vista but that to was acting erractically, graphics card rebooting itself or something. Rebooting didn't change anything. I got so angry with it I reformatted both my partitions, that fixed it, I then loaded up Bittorent again and thats when I knew it was that program, XP stalled and screwed up.

Ran utorrent on Vista for the night, came back to it and suddenly my computer was causing a display error, screen was going black and Vista reported a 'Nvsksjdhfjh or something encountered an error and has recovered'.

Whats going on? It never did this before... and even then I had that nvidia Firewall.

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First, disable the nvidea Firewall. It sucks. Maybe you didn't have problems before but it is KNOWN to collide with µtorrent (amongst many others) so disable it and see if it helps.

Otherwise maybe faulty/damaged hardware.

Check your memory (memtest89)

Try a different Network Card (borrow one; evade USB network cards)

Scan your hard drives (chkdsk)

I assume you read the FAQ and searched the forum?

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Well I've just come out of a crisis, spent half the day thinking that my graphics card and memory was corrupted. I am now too scared to even touch a torrent again for fear I might have to go through the same hell.

What could possiby have caused that? I don't understand it, even on Vista where the firewall wasn't installed, uTorrent still reacted badly to something and caused the computer to have a nervous breakdown...

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Vista & Black screen is a famous problem for gamers, and MMO players

Vista has a lot of Video issues all over the place, lots of random driver errors.

and that has Nothing to do with uTorrent

even your own post showed that, it was already acting up before uTorrent was in the PC

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I was fine for a while but then the erratic b**locks started up again.

However, I uninstalled the Ethernet drivers etc on XP and I was able to load up a 3d app like Tombraider on Vista without it freezing and crashing. What?!

So my conclusion is that when I come to install the chipset drivers for XP, it installs something the computer has suddenly decided it doesn't like and f**ks up both OS partitions until I get rid of the *input here* that is causing the issue.

It never did this before, only when I started using torrent programs.

But unless I install the ethernet drivers I get no network acitivty! Which means no internet!


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