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Make it possible to have "Copy Selected Hosts" format choosable

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Replace that with $1 or \1 (whatever the editor uses as a backreference).

Yes, it works on IPv6. In fact, it doesn't really matter *what* each line contains -- if it has SOMETHING:123890345784937584935, it'll simply trim the line to SOMETHING.

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Okay, inspired by the regex idea, there's another way using sed (stream editor): sed-3.59.zip

Here's the recommended sed string ( s/^\(.*\):.*/\1/g ) for deleting everything after and including the colon.

I used it like this from the command prompt:

c:\Program Files\uTorrent> sed-3.59 s/^\(.*\):.*/\1/g ipfilter.dat > ipfilter.new

delete ipfilter.dat then rename ipfilter.new to ipfilter.dat

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