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Preventing uTorrent from transferring data over VPN


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I run a laptop, and when I am on the road I use VPN to connect to my home. When I am home I can run uTorrent just fine, but when I am on the road, I don't need my torrent data to be routed over the VPN. The performance hit is to great. Can I still run my VPN for my computer, and run uTorrent around the VPN? Or must I turn off the VPN to use uTorrent?

I run Windows Vista Business. I have tried to start uTorrent, then start the VPN. uTorrent sits there fine, then after a couple of seconds, it completly stops. It cannot connect for a bit, then connects over the VPN. What I was thinking was to bind uTorrent to a specific device. The VPN connection shows up as another connection in the list of devices, and because it is on top, internet data is routed over it.

Thanks guys!

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