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Show speed limits and transferred data together in status bar


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In the setting dialog is now possible to chose if I want to show up limits or transfered data. There is a plenty of space to put there another option, I mean in the setting dialog. So we'll have there two possibilities, turn on/off showing up limits or turn on/off showing up transfered data. If you used low resolution like 640x480 you can simply choose.

If you can't understand my meaning, sorry for english ;)

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You could cut the description in lower resolutions so

D:[300k] 300kB/s (Total Downloaded: 500MB) | U:[600k] 600kB/s (Total Upload: 700MB)


D:[300k] 300kB/s, T:500MB | U:[600k] 600kB/s, T:700MB

I just tried and it fits in 640

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