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Minimum Upload Rate To Keep


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I couldn't find it in the requests yet, so here are my thoughts:

"Minimum Upload Rate To Keep" is a function that Bitcomet has, and actually the only reason why i'm still sticking with it, instead of your great program.

This feature can be defined for every torrent seperatly, and I use it to give some torrents more seeding speed then others.

It also seems that when I set a high minimum upload rate, i actually upload at a higher (total) rate, then when i don't set this option. (i.e. i only get 70kb/s upload on my torrent without the minimum upload rate, but when i do set it, i get my total 100kb/s upload rate)

I would really love to see this feature in an upcoming release.

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im not sure how the other clients deal with it but u cant really force ppl to take data from u so im guessing they must work on a similar system. so yes it would just open more upload slots until the bandwidth was used. very useful feature imo. i always have it on so that i can always get my ratio up quicker and allow ppl to use the full extent of my upload bandwidth.

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thnx for the warm welcome :)

Glad more of you think it's a handy feature

"If there is a minimum upload rate what happens if it goes below the minimum?"

Actually nothing happens when it goes below minimum, but the particular torrent tries to get as much upload speed as it can.

That way it get's a higher upload speed then other torrents you've got seeding.

I thought it made other peers see that you have more speed to share, and therefore pick you as a download source?

But ScubaSteve's explantion makes sence also.

So now i'm really curious, how it actually works :P

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