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access denied when seeding


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Hello. I'm a new user to utorrent, switching from azureus.

Here's a screenshot of my problem:


"accesso negato" means "access denied".

Torrent files are all (working and non-working) from the same tracker, and are NOT multitracked.

Working torrents are both batch and simple torrents.

Non-working torrents are both batch and simple torrents.

Files are not shared with any other p2p software, and they're not locked by windows, checked with "unlocker" and rebooted my system several times.

Files are 100% perfect and crc matches. File check is successful.

I tried moving files to another position, renaming them, making new torrent files, deleting old .torrent files, reinstalling utorrent and downloading fresh .torrents.

Any idea? (I give you the tracker url if you need it).

(keep up the good work!)

P.S.: Seeding via azureus works without problems...

edit: "clean" system (winXP sp2), no viruses, trojans and spywarez... ports are correctly forwarded on my router (zyxel 600), windows firewall disabled, router firewall disabled, soft. firewall sygate correctly configured, no google or msn desktop useless stuff installed...

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Are the files read only? Do you have MSN Desktop or Google Desktop?

Yeah, they ARE read only, since I need 'em to be seeded only...

no google or msn desktop useless stuff installed...
Join the club mate. I've had this same problem as well, and done pretty much every check under the book. No resolution so far.

My solution was to switch back to azureus for seeding those torrents.

too bad... I was enjoying uT's speed and light weight... better luck next tim..err.. version ^^

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how would you risk modifyin teh files, do you go around randomlly adding stuff to them ??

/me always wonders why the pharse "I might get hit by a bus crossing the road" got started to people not look when they are crossing the road ??

same thing applys here, if you dont know what your doing then if you do somethign dont complain at a problem caused by yourself

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nope. not all clients open files with exclusive access... since with azureus I've never had this kind of problems... (well.. I had lots of other problems tho ^^)

I don't want µTorrent (or any other client) to write my files to "fix bad pieces", since those files are perfect and don't need to be changed.

No problem, anyway :) I'm glad to have found where the problem is ;) I just hope they fix this in next version..

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hm... I'll try keeping those files writeable for a bit and see what happens.. thanks for your help everyone :)

@maestro: my hard drives are RAID 1.. I really don't think the disk error could be probable... anyway, I'll check for that on my next reboot..

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One reason it might need to be writeable is that when utorrent loads a torrent it ads a new extension to it after *.torrent, it's renamed to *.torrent.loaded. Maybe to ensure exclusive rights.

I've discovered a problem related: dir with working torrents contains a load of earlier torrents, still having extension loaded, despite they are no longer in use.

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