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tracker errors, torrent running but not moving


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i have windows xp an i'm using utorrent 1.7.2. its not moving through the tracker list like it used to in 1.6. i can get it to flip through maybe 2 trackers or so and then it stops. also, sometimes when i shut utorrent off and come back to finish something, the torrent i shut off will be on, but it doesn't upload or dowload. i tried shutting it off and starting it, but its like its frozen. removing it and re-starting it fixes the problem, but it takes a long time to re-scan the parts that are already done and start again.

i got 1.6 again. i used it for a while(maybe 25 minutes or so) just to check the trackers, then i switched back to 1.7.2, at which point the trackers cycled properly for some reason. after a while they stopped, so i switched to 1.6 and back again. its been 2 hours of so and they seem to be moving fine, but it will likely stop again if i switch torrent or stop the torrent for a bit. is this a common error for 1.7.2, and if it is, is there some way to fix it?

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well, i've found something interesting. if the trackers stop, ust take the highlight off the torrent and re-highlight. when it comes back it shows the next tracker in the list (sometimes you have to do this 2 or 3 times before it swaps). not sure yet if this will work for more than 2 trackers. bit of a pain in the ass to switch versions every time i use utorrent though. thanks for the reply. i'll just keep checking to see if anyone figures this out.

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I've got the same problem with 1.7.2. I wonder if a clean install of uTorrent would fix the problem? Has anyone tried that?

I'd try it myself, but it's a tedious process to re-customze my view and settings, and I'm hoping there's an easier solution if I just wait :)

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i thought about going through my computer and erasing every trace of the program i could find and then re-installing, but it just doesn't seem like that would make a difference. the oddest thing about this is that using 1.6 for a while and then switching over to 1.7.2 makes the trackers cycle again for a while. if it gets too bad i'll just change back to 1.6 until another version of 1.7 comes out. although with the exception of the tracker issue this one seems to work a hell of a lot better. would be a shame to have to the older version just because of this.

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You need an extra newline for it to announce to all of them. It'll cycle the display for them on each update of the GUI.

If there's no extra newline, then it won't cycle through all of them (because that's how it's designed).

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If it is a case of misunderstanding, then how people could say that 1.6.x behaved differently than 1.7.x is beyond me, as they still behave identically (with the exception of the gui.update_rate being the cycling interval now).

Assuming this is the tracker list...







If every single tracker is working, then the only trackers that will be shown are TrackerA, TrackerC, TrackerE, and TrackerF. Why? Because TrackerB is the backup tracker for TrackerA, and TrackerD is the backup tracker for TrackerC. The only time either of the backup trackers will ever be shown is if the respective tracker they're backing up is down. And again, this is how it's always behaved.

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uTorrent 1.6 and 1.7.2 do not operate the same, that is where the confusion comes in. If they did, this problem wouldn't exist, and the list of trackers would cycle as it always did.

Are they suggesting that the way the trackers are listed naturally in the torrents is no longer compatible, as it was in uTorrent 1.6? Are they saying we will now need to manually edit the tracker lists on our torrents in order to arrange them correctly so they will cycle normally in the tracker list?

I've never had to edit the tracker list before to make them cycle.

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µTorrent has *not* changed how it handles multi-tiered tracker lists in forever (probably since multi-tiered tracker list support was first added), so no, compatibility with existing tracker lists isn't the problem at all. Again, the only change made between 1.7.x and 1.6.x with regards to tracker cycling has been

--- 2007-06-25: Version 1.7 (build 2899)

- Change: Tracker list rotates in UI with rate defined by gui.update_rate

Why it's apparently broken to only some users really is baffling/confounding, all things considered. Do tell, what does your tracker list look like?

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## Here is the output of one tracker list: (spaces included as they show in the list)




## And here is the output from another:



## And here is yet another:











I'm not sure if that helps, but on each of them, the list doesn't cycle.

All of my torrents in the past have looked like this in terms of tracker setup.

Now, I have another machine here with uTorrent on it, which doesnt get used, and is only on there in the event I need to download something and the main system is down... I updated from 1.6.1 to 1.7.2 on that one using the auto-update, and the tracker list on that one cycles normaly, so this is indeed very odd.

It could be a setting somewhere that is different, but there are far too many to compare so I don't know. I do know that GUI UPdate speed is set the same on each.

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If it works on one system and not the other, maybe you could back up your settings from the non-working uTorrent, overwrite them with the settings from the working one and check?

If it still doesn't work, you can always go back to your earlier settings.

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Re trackers not cycling

I too have this problem but it cannot be an issue with old versions and old settings etc. as I am a new user of utorrent and have installed this on new machine with no previous utorrent.

When I first installed (a week ago) then trackers did recycle (but always down anyway unless after midnight) but now trackler list does not recycle. Tracker list looks ok. Is there a way to force a recycle?

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I have this problem exactly the same way as described. If I remember correctly its introduced back when I updated to 1.6.1 and exists since then.

What isnt mentioned here this topic before that I experience the same with Tracker and Tracker Status columns in the torrents list as well. Before 1.6.1 it cycled the same way as in the General tab, now ONLY the first tracker in the torrent is shown all the time.

This is really irritating though since I can't get information what trackers are working and what aren't.

I have tested it now with some torrents with different number of trackers in it. (Properly spearated by double enters, so no backup tracker on any of them)

Its more weird than expected since if I try with a torrent with say 6 trackers in it then SOME of them are cycling some isn't. With a torrent which has 2 tracker in it, it never cycles. Note that this "weird cycle" works on the General tab only. I cant see any cycling in the torrents list's Tracker column.

To be clear my expected behavior : all trackers listed in a torrent (which are not backup trackers) and their status should be cycled in the general tab and the list of torrents in their respective column REGARDLESS of the tracker status.

Tell me if it isnt the actual behavior.

gui.update_rate is 1000.

I can upload settings.dat if you need.

Regards, Tom

Edit : the part of the problem regarding cycling in the torrents list is described here as well and I experience the same : http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=26877

Edit2 : made a shot, easier to see the problem this way : http://upload2.net/page/download/q9AmLhFZ96gn2Ig/ut.swf.html

Edit3 : as I made further testing the general tab tracker cycling problem sometimes appears ONLY if you have more than one torrents in the actual torrent list shown (2 or more torrents active, labeled the same name, etc...). This does not effect the tracker cycling in the list columns (still bad).

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Possible solution

After having this puzzling problem for a while (trackers not recycling) I think I may have inadvertently stumbled on a possible reason. Trackers did originally cyle for me in the General display (new install, new machine) then stopped. I was playing around with my display items recently and removed tracker status and tracker column and - lo and behold! - trackers suddenly starting recycling again. The tracker and tracker status are not default install display items and I recall selecting them after a few days usage - so this could explain why the general tracker display seemed frozen on multi-tracker torrents. For those users experiencing this "not cycling" problem - this is worth a try. Please report if this solves the problem.

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I can confirm that if I remove the Tracker Status column the cycling in general tab is working well. I can't experience any connection of the problem with the Tracker column's absence or existence though.

I should point out again that the problem with the general tab cycling problem appears only if I have more than one active torrent in a given label or category. If there's only one torrent in the list it works well regardless of the presence of Tracker Status column.

And... I made a flash video shot, I described the bug as I could, I sent an email to the given address with my settings and I haven't got any answer yet, not a thanks or acknowledged or anything else so I believe that this annoying bug is neglected by the developers which is really interesting since a lot of users suffers from it... :(

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