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I have two questions:

I own a Dell Inspiron 1420.

Intel Core 2 Duo T7100 1.80GHZ

nVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS


I connect to the Internet using a wireless connection with a Dell 1390 WLAN Wireless Mini-card. My speeds are fine. Sometimes I leave uTorrent running and I close my laptop lid. I disabled Standby and the monitor should just shut off as far as I'm aware. Whenever I open it again and look at uTorrent, my download speed is dramatically much lower than before I had closed the lid. A couple seconds later, it resumes back to regular speed. I've tested this many time and whenever my lid is closed, speeds drop. Why is this happening?

As for my second question, whenever I open uTorrent, I get the message:

"This program is freeware. If you paid for it, you have been scammed, and you should get a refund."

As far as I know, this should open occur when you first install uTorrent. I regularly connect to two wireless networks if that matters.

Thank you for anyone that can help!

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You running µTorrent v1.7.2?

(Earlier versions may mis-detect 1st run state, so you see the "This program is freeware." too often.)

Sounds like your computer is going into some 'low-power' mode even though you told it not go into Standby mode. It may be some Dell-specific or LAN card specific drivers/settings causing it to do this.

Do your upload speeds suffer equally as badly?

Do you ever see a "disk overload" message briefly when you quickly re-enable the monitor screen?

(This would probably occur if the hard drive/s were also running in a slower 'low power' mode.)

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Yes, I'm running version 1.7.2.

I've checked the LAN card settings and there's nothing that would indicate a low power mode (There is one, but it was already disabled).

Yes, my upload speeds suffer as well.

No, I don't see a "Disk overload" error message when I open the monitor again.

I'll try posting on the Dell Support Forums to see if I get anything. Thanks.

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