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Downloading Shuffle!10,Slow Download speed


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You shouldn't use any port in that range. Try something above 10000.

Nor should you use IP to report to tracker. It is for people behind proxies and people on the same LAN as the tracker ONLY!

How many seeders/peers are in the swarm? Does µTorrent say Network OK?

And define 'slow' speeds. You can't always get good speeds on torrents.

Try the OpenOffice.org torrents, if you can get good speed there, there's not much else you can do.

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Try this torrent:


It's for OpenOffice 2.0.0 and it's known to reach speeds above 100 kB/s in seconds.

If this works fine, it's the peers you're connected to that are the bottleneck, not µTorrent.

my speed is abt 80-,it nv exceeds 100kb/s

Hm firon,u said that its best not to use port 6881,why?then what specific port should i use

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Ports 6881-6889 are commonly throttled in speed by many ISPs, so it's recommended to avoid using them.

What's the line speed your ISP says for your connection? Sounds like it's about 1Mbit from your speeds.

You should've seen Network OK or NAT Error while running the OpenOffice torrent...

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