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Red flag?


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I am new to bittorrent and I'm sorry to bother you with this question.

I have read through your other posts on this topic - some things I don't really understand, so if I repeat something, I apologise.

I have utorrent 1.7.2 and for some reason lately it hasn't been logging to DHT. It just started doing so again, with 210 nodes, but the little download lights are all red (the flags with the down arrow)

I tried downloading from the opensource site and I still had the same problem.

I have Norton Antivirus, but the firewall is implemented so that utorrent may pass straight through it.

I have cable broadband, and according to the upload speed tester, I am on 200kbs

Any help you can give would be most appreciated.

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Thank you very much, DreadWingKnight.

I have looked at the general tab for everything I download (this red flag is on everything)

It seems most of the things I want to download have a problem! I shall have to look at others.

Thank you so much for your help.

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Thanks for the tips. Most of the red flagged ones seem to want you to sign into some other website because the user is unknown etc, or offline.

I'm not concerned because I know I'm in a different timezone to most (Australia).

Thanks for the suggestion ajones, but I'd rather not uninstall Norton. It's very good and it is enabled so that utorrent can go right through it.

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