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utorrent is eating all of memory...


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Now I can't said utorrent is lightweight and efficient:

It died:


Before died:

Peak memory usage was 462416K, VM size really big:1860108K (it have taken more later .. )


My system: Athlon XP 2500+, 1Gb RAM, 2GB Vm size on disk

All my setting according to disk cache are default.

As I remember 1.6.1 never died for me like 1.7.*

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Screenshot with processes: http://www.botik.ru/~sayd/temp/utorrent_bug.jpg

"Process explorer" list before program dies: http://www.botik.ru/~sayd/temp/UTORRENT.EXE.txt

"Process explorer" properties after utorrent died: http://www.botik.ru/~sayd/temp/utorrent_bug2.jpg

Anything else?


Today i tried to play with download speed limits, but it didn't work: I just set up download speed to 1000Kb after starting utorrent before it started to download anything, but anyway utorrent was downloading with 6Mb/sec:


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In your "Process explorer" list before utorrent dies, I spotted this:


multiple times in a row.

I'm inclined to believe that's something hostile.

I also saw this unidentified process:


...Do you have Kaspersky Antivirus installed?


That's only to stop exceeding your upload speed limits, not other problems.

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Firon said: "lol, PuTTY is an SSH/telnet client."

That is all well and true, however would you expect PuTTY the SSH/telnet client to make a chain of putty.exe opens all at the same time that are nested together instead of separately in Process Explorer -- and all of them using dissimilar memory amounts?

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It's not that hard for PuTTY to open itself over and over. It has a "new session" and a "duplicate session" menu item that are fairly easy to reach, and would do just that (open them up in a chain). The memory usage for each instance isn't all too dissimilar; the virtual size isn't what you should be looking at -- the working set size is :P

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I've used PuTTY while running µTorrent, and never saw any such issues. I very highly doubt PuTTY would cause any problems with µTorrent, as it's just as self-contained as µTorrent is. I would almost definitely rule it out, but I can't say for 100% certain that it's not some combination of PuTTY with something else causing those problems :/

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