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Download speed Problems


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Hi there,

I must say i love utorrent a lot. I have recently found that it is not giving me the speeds it should.

For example while downloading a torrent I was getting speeds of 7 - 10 KB/s with utorrent.

When i used azureus for the same torrent on the same port it gave me speeds of 200+ KB/s

I really wanna use utorrent cause of its low memory useage and easy interface but this problem isint helping :(

utorrent uploads at a maximum speed though :S

Here are screenshots of my settings:





The port i use is forwarded and all and when testing azureus and utorrent i used the same port.

I also noticed that the # of peers connecting when im using utorrent is less than that when I use azureus.

NOW PLZ someone make utorrent gimme uber speeds like azureus!!! :(

Edit : BTW im using v1.2.2 of utorrent and latest version of azureus aswell

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