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It is just a few problems


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1- In the column after the name of the file there is a "#", and some of the files have a * under it. What does that mean?

2- I downloaded a couple of videos with subtitles in German, is there any way to know about it before downloading? Is there a way to know in other language?

3- I find pretty much only American movies, does anyone know where can I get other countries?

Last one:

4- Sometimes I am asked to visit a website and download a particular program in a website that is necessary to run the movie, are they safe?

the last one the program was play3dw in this website "download.play3dw.com".

Look forward to hear from you.



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I am not very good yet with Utorrent terms, so does * also have anything to do with file mail function? Because the files with * precisely the ones which are either not working or giving me instructions to go to "anti-p2p fakes that are malware laden".

Or by saying "has not reached seeding goal", is implicit that the file does not work properly?

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My version is also 1.7.5

I am sorry but this sounds quite strange for me. What goals do I have to reach to make a file available for sharing at P2P?

The reason for this question is because I downloaded a video, it was OK, not perfect but Ok, it has * in the # column but the video is good enough to watch. My internet is pretty fast and I still have the file pretty much to seed and now I learn that It has not reached seeding goal.... How come I downloaded it then?

Since I am enjoying Utorrent, this forum has many rules and I do not know if I am allowed to say the name of the file...

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Options / Preferences / Queueing / Seed While

Those are your seeding goals right there. Once it reaches your defined goal, you can choose what to do with it (stop it, slow the upload etc.)

Generally speaking, it's good form to seed till at least 100%, which means a 1:1 ratio. So if you've downloaded, say, 700MB, seed till you've uploaded 700MB, though more is obviously better. Most private trackers require you to maintain a ratio of 1 or above and if you fall well below 1, you're a leecher and risk being banned.

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