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Best Settings for ADSL 512/128k

Mr Angel

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Am from Mauritius and i take my adsl connection with local ISP. Ive got a 512/128k. I wanted to know what is the best setting from General Options to Advanced options in Utorrent. Actually im using version 1.2.2. Ive got no NAT problem. So ..

1. What are the best setting for me.

2. when i use Cfospeed ive fount that my Upload is better.

3. How many Half open connections must i use. ( Does this really matter)

4. how may global and maximum connection ... Upload slots and download and upload speed setting.

5. what are the best Advanced options for me with my 512/128k

6. And everything else.

THe Best speed ive achieved so far is 52k download and 11 upload. which is very good for me. But everytime i updated my Utorrent i got problem with download and upload speed. But when i tweak it again its get better but not optimal. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Half-open doesn't matter, just don't use more or the asme number as what you patched TCPIP.sys to (if you're on SP2). As for Advanced Options, leave 'um at default.

At your speeds, you should try 55 max connections per torrent, 100 total, 3 upload slots.

You should probably try capping the upload to 10, even though you have cFosSpeed.

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