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effortless [tstatus]


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I made these effortless status icons, in design, in use, and admitadly in creation, for those who want an uncluttered interface. Four versions here, each have their own style, as you can see. Also the finished icons have been removed, I will make another version with them in the near future. Also more are to come if another toolbar inspires me.

effortless-black - Click to download.

effortless-black.png - mirror

A pure black style made to be very minimal and allow the style of your toolbar to shine.

effortless-opera - Click to download.

effortless-opera.png - mirror

Styled in the colors of the Operanized toolbar made by BSH.

effortless-orbness - Click to download.

effortless-orbness.png - mirror

Also styled after a toolbar, this time Determination's Orbness.

effortless-xpmc - Click to download.

effortless-xpmc.png - mirror

There have been multiple XPMC themes made, so I made status icons in that style.

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