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Using Utorrent's Encryption Protocol


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Does enabling the encryption protocol does this mean that all your entire connection is encrypted? Does your IP number get encrypted also?

I use anonymizer anonymous "surfing". Does this mean that my utorrent connection is encrypted? All web surfing is encrypted but does that mean that utorrent is encrypted as well or does the data sent by utorrent go via a different channel than the normal web data such as data going through the http://www protocol.



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Q1: Some of the traffic described by BitTorrent is pretty much identical to http (you might say it employs http in those cases). Some of it isn't. And it IS possible to filter out BitTorrent communication from normal http communication. Thats one of the things that becomes more difficult to do for 3rd parties with encryption enabled.

Q2: µtorrent encryption encrypts the headers of data packets that are send between peers so that these packets are not easily identified as BitTorrent traffic.

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