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Icon on Alt+Tab


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I suppose it's not only my problem.

When uTorrent.exe loads icons from icon archive main.ico, it really replaces icon on the top-left of the program window. But if I go to any other application and press Alt+Tab, trying to make uTorrent the front window, I would see enlarged from 16x16 to 32x32 icon. The icon is interpolated and it looks awful.

Direct link to screen: http://i11.tinypic.com/85414pf.jpg , 331 KB

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main.ico is indeed what shows up in alt-tab

I'm guessing you're running on Vista? since XP does not support icons > 32^2 px.

Also I notice you are using a custom icon from the skins page.

Not all skins submissions include multiple resolutions.

Also checking myself it seems you are running http://utorrent.com/skins.php?action=download&id=668

Though this one has multiple resolutions it is possible that it is not loading the 32^2. Usually when having a multiple-ico file windows only loads the first icon. You can verify this by making a shortcut, loading that icon as the custom icon, and trying to append ,0 OR ,1 OR ,2 OR ,3 after it. The numbers refer to the indices that windows uses to bring up the icons.

NOTE: I use http://utorrent.com/skins.php?action=download&id=589 and http://utorrent.com/skins.php?action=download&id=548 as icons, and though they have 16^2 I don't see as much pixellation.

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jewelisheaven, okay, I've installed icon-pack you're using, and after pressing Alt+Tab I see:

1) 32x32 px, but the icon converted from 32 bits per pixel to 256 colors only (wikipedia article, 2^32 = 4294967296 verse 256). The difference in quality is evident: http://i12.tinypic.com/8a34vno.jpg

I suppose the reason is the default color depth of 32x32 icon in uTorrent.exe, which is 256 colors. Usually Windows choose suitable on screen color deepth icon from icon-pack, in any program, but uTorrent.exe forces Windows to choose 256 color icon.

2) The situation in 1) happens when the file main.ico looks like this: http://i8.tinypic.com/7w75p49.png

But if I change the icons order to this: http://i15.tinypic.com/6ppshop.png — the first icon to be 16x16, everything if perfect, besause if the first icon is 32x32 px, as my Windows XP SP2 does not see 48x48 px icon (1st situation), so the 32x32 px icon miniaturized to 16x16 px, and little sqares appear:

top left -> http://i4.tinypic.com/7wpyxro.png

taskbar -> http://i4.tinypic.com/6kthrup.png

Alt+Tab -> http://i3.tinypic.com/823akn5.png

I hope programmers will fix this bag to make uTorrent better ; )

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1 Yeah, ok I see that.

2 WHOA! What program did you use to change that order? I messed around with some odd converter back when I wanted to see what was what... you know, with Vista's ability for 128^2 and 256^2 support. Oeer you made the first icon (default visibility) 16^2 or did I miss something. Yep I don't see any difference between main.ico in the task bar and the title bar. And in the Alt-Tab I think it is trying to ENlarge your first icon of 16^2 to 32^2 for the alt-tab. Someone else would have to confirm the size settings in those situations. The only thing i found related to your re-sampling was this

--- 2007-06-25: Version 1.7 (build 2899)
- Fix: Low color icon no longer displays when not running in 32-bit color, instead 256 color icon is used always

Thank you for your detective work.

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Low color icon no longer displays when not running in 32-bit color, instead 256 color icon is used always

It seems to me this fix is related only to the default icons in the file uTorrent.exe. For example, when entering 24 bit mode the icon changed to 16 color: http://i6.tinypic.com/86sppg4.png Also we may see that there is no 32x32 px 32 bit version of uTorrent icon in the utorrent.exe.

I edit icons with the program ArtIcons Pro, which is not free : (

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<...> can you see what happens when you put the 32^2 first?

Be sure, the same as if the 48x48 px stands first, cause my Windows always skips 48x48 and uses 32x32 px icon. But the problem is multiple: in the color depth and in choosing the first icon only from main.ico for everything by uTorrent. «Everything» does not include icon in the folder — the icon in windows folder looks fine in spite of any manipulation.

Will you report this bag to the developers?

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Thank you!

I've got:

Название ОС: Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Версия ОС: 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 сборка 2600


The reason is the fastness of work under XP and some necessary for my work programmes crashing on Vista. But this is on the desktop, the notebook is better suitable for Vista, but for me no uTorrent there needed : )

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Sexy!!!! Icon fixes. Since there is checking for either 16 (title bar / system tray) or 32 px icons (other places, like icons for files and the alt-tab dialog I thought he was mistaken, then I tested with the various ones I have.

Since I don't have a sexy icon editor that shows me such things, I was eager to have his active editing re-produce the behaviour he was experiencing. In any case, if that indeed means that > 32^2 px icons can be used in vista for those with expanded visual settings I don't think they'd mind...

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