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Strange crash in uTorrent and BitTorrent


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My uTorrent and BitTorrent always crash (message "Memory can not be read", then program terminates) in these cases:

- on exit,

- on checking new version,

- on deleting some torrent,

- on clicking Yes or No in the check file association message box.

What is it?

Windows XP Pro SP2, no firewalls or anti-viruses is active (but I checked system for viruses manually).

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So uh, it's interesting how things come in waves around here. In the past week or so, I've seen around 3 new candidates for addition into the incompatible softwares list -- MouseIMP (even though it's an old report), Ultra Network "I'm-Having-An-Identity-Crisis" Analyzer/Sniffer, and Dr.Web.

/me adds to his table of incompatibilities...

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