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I can't share moved files.


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I'm rapidly running out of space on my HD and have had to move some files around. Once moved then uTorrent can't find them to share as a peer. Can I open up more of my computer to sharing or is there something I can do to get round this. I'm going to get a bigger HD and then totally reorganise things so that they can stay put but in the short term how can I keep up my end of the deal. I'm not bad at stuff but by no means am I a whizkid.

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I would say that it's possible it had nothing to do with the signature.

I've been looking for some time now how to do this, and keep seeing "set download location". I've looked in the FAQ, and help, and couldn't see how to get this to work, I did manage to find the option, under advanced, however it's greyed out.

Jewelisheaven has written, what for me is the first time I've seen it anywhere, that one must stop the torrent first.

I did that, stopped it, set the download location.

I don't know what I did wrong, but now It shows zero percent.

The file is still in the new location, so I am fine, but if anyone else wants this data - they ain't gonna get it - if I gave up now. I wonder how many people give up before this point? Maybe we'd have more people seeding if this was easier...

So, I tried again, and lo-and-behold I finally figured it out.

When you first define what folder you want to put the data into, microtorrent creates a subfolder and then puts the data in that.

If you move the top folder, and then direct microtorrent to the top folder with the "set download location" - it don't find it... You have to specify the subfolder.

Ie. I created a folder "PHPfiles" on the desktop, ran a torrent. Microtorrent stored the data in a subfolder - "300 + PHP scripts". I moved desktop\PHPfiles to c:\PHPfiles, then set download location to PHPfiles - no good - had to set it to "c:\PHPfiles\300 + PHP scripts".

Logically, since the initial specification did not include "300 + PHP scripts" I assumed the "set download location" didn't need to include it, but I was wrong.


To change location of files from a torrent:

1. stop torrent (right click, stop)

2. move folder to desired location

3. change the location within microtorrent (right click, advance, set download location)

4. start torrent (right click, start)

microtorrent will check the file(s) first, then start seeding.

If it starts to download, then you've got the wrong location, be sure you're pointed to the folder created by microtorrent.

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;) I don't CAPITALIZE for nothing dearie.

Glad you got it :D Were you able to repath all your existing data that way?

Also, the dialog kinda gives it away "where do you want to download FOLDER NAME to?" Presumably if there's a folder already there matching the name you click it. If not you make it or download to the root... I tend to do this for series of ___ if there are multiple arcs, and I know what's what. i don't need "Series - Arc 1" "Series - Arc 2", etc so I just stick it all in "Series" root and right click force-recheck on the torrent and it finds everything I've got. Did you have other question?

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Hello, original poster here. I did indeed misread the signature and perhaps was a little too oversensitive and tired. I now have the new 750G in place and I'm sure the answer is in the replies. It does seem a little complicated, especially when Human Nature seems to look after number 1 first but I WILL share my files and I'll have it sorted in no time, thanks.

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O.K I know I should be able to work this out from your replies I have been reading the forum all morning to try to work it out rather than have to do this (ask) but I think I was born before the technologie chip was added to all babies brains!!!I have an external hard drive to download to but twice my husband disconnected it and most of the torrents I was still seeding ended up with a red cross and showed zero downloaded with an error message saying Error cant open .torrent file...I have tried (i think) everything suggested here ie go to advanced click set download location,but still nothing happens what the heck am I doing wrong Please Please help and if possible in Idiot language as I really do not understand half of what is written here...Please take pity on me and try to sort it out...Thank you

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Perhaps hiding the hard drive connection plug to one of the back USB ports would be a good idea if someone is apt to disconnect it. Unless you store the torrents somewhere BESIDES the default they should not be on the external drive and showing the error. Therefore some more information is needed: what is the full error message in the Status column.

When uT tries to access a file and CAN'T, it makes the status ERROR and changes to the error status icon. If the hard drive is reconnected you should be able to resume as before, by just STARTing torrents again.

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Thanks for replying,

This is not going to be easy as I said before I am finding it hard to work out what everything means,but I am downloading to a Terebyte(sorry no idea of spelling hubby bought it for me for Christmas) WD Book storage thing,which is my G drive everything goes there when downloading,and all is fine till he disconnects me first time I managed to get most back by going to Advanced,Set download connection Clicking on the torrent then clicking start and it rechecked and off it went this time I can't get them to do anything the download box is at zero when it was at 100 % and seeding,I have looked everyelse on the computer to make sure they had not been sent to another directory but nothing how on earth do I get them started again...

I'm getting desperate as my Ratio on the site I use is plummeting as I am not able to seed the ones they want.

The Naked Chef - Season 1 - Error: Can't open .torrent file: G:\The Naked Chef - Season 1 - DVDRip.torrent

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You're doing just fine explanation-wise :D

Oh man... you are saving the torrents to the external drive :( ... Could you make it so they don't do that?? That at least would make it so you don't have to restart uT after the unplugging. Yeah, you will need to at the very least press START for the downloads to work again, next level would be a right click force recheck, and last level which you are having to do is restart uT with G:\ accessible.

The option Ctrl-P -> Other -> store torrent files in currently says G:\ I imagine, yes? If you uncheck that it will proceed to store them in either %APPDATA%\uTorrent or where you run uTorrent.exe from. Are you ALSO running utorrent.exe from G:\ ? When you're right click, advanced, set download location ... you need to be sure you're in the right folder (the best way is to CLICK the file, or folder in the dialog that comes up). At that point the recheck occurs when you press START. To do them at your leisure you can do the afforementioned right click, force recheck ;)

If it's not too much trouble could you make two screenshots of the Preferences window, of the DOWNLOADS pane and Other ? I use mspaint, then use Alt-PrntScreen on the Preferences window with those items selected at left, Ctrl-V into mspaint... save as (filetype .PNG), and then upload them to http://imageshack.us.

After that you will be presented with code, You can use the first "code for forum(1)" and paste it below.

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Once again many thanks for taking the time to help, I am at work at the moment so can't do much I will take a closer look when I get home,but my first question would be if I save files to the computer C or D drive won't I run out of room as that was the reason I got bought the external thing,how do I get around that.

The rest I will look into later at first read I am not sure I understand any of it but will take time and read slowly to try and let it all sink in,if only I had a brain geared to all this it would be a lot easier.

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We're talking about different things here :)

There's two places you can setup directories in 1.7, the developers consolidated this into 1 label "directories" in 1.8, but it's still rather simple. In Ctrl-P -> Downloads you see the settings for the data, and in Ctrl-P -> Other you see the settings for torrents. IF the torrent storage directory is currently G:\ like I infer, you may want to progress to either MOVING the torrents to the default location, OR alternatively setup your uT self-contained.

In either case you will need to pick up Ultima's Bencoded File Editor for easiest transition to the new location. After that you will need to edit the resume.dat WHEN uT is closed, and use Find/Replace (via the menu) to change the OLD location for the torrents from G:\ to the new path... I'll use C:\Downloads\ as an example.

In the resume.dat you see ROOT at the top of the tree right? Below that as sub-branches are each torrent you have loaded into uT. You see the full path uT is expecting as the NAME for each of those sub-branches and that's what you want to replace. Say the first entry is G:\My_Torrent_1.torrent ... using Ctrl-H (Find/Replace) you will type in G:\ into find and C:\Downloads\ into replace, and then click Replace. Do this for each torrent heading and you're good to go. You'll notice I didn't suggest clicking "Replace All"... this is because if as you say your DATA location is also G:\ you'll have problems finding that. And we don't want to make MORE problems we're trying to save you from some of them.

If you need clarification feel free to point out where I was unclear and what you have accomplished/understand and I'll help until you're all fixed up.

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