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What's still missing for me after downloading V. 1.3


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1- Sometimes I close completed downloads without having shared 1:1 but I would like to pick up on those. In Azureus I can follow how many people are connected to completed downloads and I can choose where to step in and ssed.

I would like to see that feature in utorrent.

2- The up and own feature does not work at all and I don't know why, it simply does not move anything, neither umcompleted downloads nor finished ones nor the ones being seeded

3- I found that torrents downloaded with azureus and opended in utorrent upon request or for being in the "seeder needed" list download again even though I point them at the right directory already containing the fully downloaded file

So for seeding a file which is not still running after completion I use azureus to seed a bit more

4- I cannot open the completed files in the files section but have to open them in the download folder itself which is less practical

Actually I still need azureus besides utorrent 1.3 and that makes me unhappy (and wastes disk memory and speed)

5- A real wish would be to have a separation between current upload and total upload - I try to seed any torrent until 1:1 but I would also like to see what the last partial upload was - some files with 200 kb stop after the last leecher is gone but resume a day later with a new leecher so I would like to seperate those entries (what for ? just to check inside the programme what the upload was and not having it show inf.)

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1) bt.scrape_stopped to true

2) Yes it does, read the FAQ, it works exactly as intended (you misconstrued what it's for)

3) stop -> force re-check

4) Enter on a torrent opens the folder, right click -> open on the file tab for the file

I don't really get your 5th request...

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