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Won't find Specific File


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I'm using 1.7.7 on Vista.

I was downloading a torrent on my computer at my office using the same version of Utorrent. The seeders went to 0. I found it on another tracker and switched it over to my laptop and tried to begin downloading. I renamed the file to the exact name on the new tracker. I also double-checked to make sure that I right clicked on the torrent, advanced, and correct folder. But it is still trying to down the entire file. I can't get it to do a re-check and start where I left off.

In the past I was able to point the migrated file to the specific file to complete the download and it worked fine. But now, when I try to point the migrated file to the torrent, it only gives me the option of folders and not specific files.

How do I point the torrent to a specific, migrated file and not just to the folder?



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It's a little strange the way it is set up. The original torrent was in 4 parts, each in their own folder. On the new tracker, all 4 files are in one folder, so there is no way to divide up the new torrent. I put all four in a folder and pointed the new torrent to it, but it would not work. What I want to do is to just download one file at a time by clicking on only one at a time and point that new torrent file to the almost completed file.

Thanks for your help.

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