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What happens when a tracker removes/updates a file...


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This occurred to me a few days ago and at first I didn't know what was happening: :/


It turns out that the tracker had released an updated file that I didn't know about, so they removed the old file and thus I had to download the new file, as seen below: :)


Now before everyone screams at me, yes, this is a legal tracker and file...it's iD Software's Quake 4 Linux patch 1.5 which has been updated to version 1.6. Hope this helps some of you who may have seen this message but didn't know what it was. :)

Edit: ignore the text overlapping as this is a known bug caused by a High DPI setting.

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Um, about the text overlapping. I thought this was just an issue caused by the window not being wide enough? Care to explain? I've noticed it before, too, I just widen the window..

I've cured the overlapping problem by using the 'view' menu to decrease the text size. this allows more input text in a fixed width allotted by html.

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