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Bookmarks in download location


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maybe Dr3adLoX was trying to explain that if you download most of the torrents in random folders this recent folders list becomes really hard to find what location you search...

the same problem is with me... i have 5-6 default folders to download but sometimes i use others and this list of recent folders is getting too bigger...

if i could customize it... for an example like in DC++ - just add location and name it.. so simple...



location: D:\My Documents\Downloads\Mp3


location D:\My Documents\Downloads\Movies

name: Movies

because i when you see every single line "D:\..\...\.." its getting lot confusing...

and if the location is too long its again confusing

so pls add this feature and the user will choose CERTAIN FAVORITE FOLDERS or only RECENT

P.S. - sorry for my bad English...

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Use labels, and "append label to download location". Anyone actually SPECIFYING Movie/mp3/tv as a directory either does not KNOW about the feature or is being lazy.

http://utorrent.com/faq.php#What_are_labels_and_what_can_they_be_used_for.3F is in the FAQ and http://torrentfreak.com/use-utorrent-to-organize-your-bittorrent-downloads/ has pictures for people who don't like to read.

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  • 2 weeks later...

i know about this feature...

i am not lazy...

and you still dont get my point...

i think most of the users will prefer the way i explained you...

ok if the developers of utorrent have time to add this feature... if they dont we will still use the old one...

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Labels work great for physically organizing torrent contents. That is... until µTorrent crashes, forces a re-check, and your file library becomes a huge nightmare. Something about the crash makes it incredibly hard to recover from in terms of label organization. Got duplicate torrent downloads in different directories, etc. Not worth the hassle to use labels.

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... I don't see what a crash has to do with labels or organization. It's not like uT wipes the data. If you crashed and lost your resume.dat, and your previous organization was labels I can see how it might be difficult to re-create label structure.

In any case why aren't you backing up your resume (and other uT files if you're prone to a crash)...Generally speaking it compresses into 8-12% of original space. I made my thoughts on the matter here ... except for the fact labels aren't added on auto-load so PRIOR to doing any checking you must enter the label so when you force recheck uT moves your files correctly. Remember the dialog which pops up sometimes when you have the data already in the finished folder isn't applicable in this case 1) because I don't think it works for auto-load and 2) because the no-label thing already mentioned.

Use labels works exactly like that... you set MUSIC and \MUSIC is the auto-assigned subdirectory under your default save directory. You can even get more creative like "MUSIC\LOSSLESS" and you have yourself lossless music already in it's own folder when done.

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