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Seeding Problem


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I am using Utorrent 1.7.7 build 8179. I am trying upload new files. I have tried with 4 files but in all the 4 cases it is showing seeds as 0(0). there are peers but i am not able to seed. I created it as Private torrent. After the used different methods

1) Stopped it then right click force recheck.. and then started

2) Stopped it then right click advanced set download location

3) Check box Initial Seed

4) Removed the torrent added using no default save

5) Removed and added with the file skip

Even after all these i am not able seed. Pls help me out

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If you are the ONLY seed you will not show up as a connected peer.... and depending on the tracker's stupidity you may not show up as a seed at all. You can try making sure by turning off any initial seed mode, and even trying uT 1.8 from the Announcements forum temporarily by loading your torrent manually and going to the Trackers tab... all information is now at-a-glance, helping with comparing multiple trackers simultaneously. You don't need to be running in the in-development build, and if you want to try it with other torrents you can always run it [http://xrl.us/1Folder]self-contained so as to not mess up current settings.

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