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Strangeness with multi file torrents


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I've been using uTorrent for a while now to selectively download files from large torrents, but have been encountering some rather strange behaviour.

I'm currently downloading from a particular torrent, I had 22 files from it downloaded, and due to disk space running low I deleted 18 of those files and ran a recheck on the torrent to free up some space before I start downloading any further files.

After running the recheck on the torrent, file 19 that was 100% downloaded no more than a minute ago is suddenly 98% downloaded, 127Mb of 129Mb completed, and according to uTorrent has 26Mb left to download.

Ignoring the obvious completely wrong figure of download remaining, is this kinda "complete file 2 minutes ago now 98% complete" behaviour normal?

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In multi-file torrents there are at least 2 pieces for each file which contain data for different files... therefore when you delete those files you can expect those files need to be downloaded again. Setting the files you deleted to "do not download" and making sure Ctrl-P -> Advanced -> diskio.use_partfile is enabled will keep that data in a partfile and you can continue only uploading from there :)

There MAY be a problem with the drive, if when sorting by first piece #, the red parts of the graphs are NOT at file boundaries.

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