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Port Forwarding when PC not directly connected to router (LAN)


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Hi people,

I have looked exhaustively into topics on this forum as well as other sites which deal exclusively with port forwarding. My problem is as follows: I am behind a proxy on a Local Area Network at my student residence. My internet connection is setup by simply plugging the network cable into a wall socket and configuring proxy settings.

I use Zonealarm Pro and have tried defining expert rules as described on portforward.com to enable port forwarding. However utorrent constantly shows the yellow triangle next to port forwarding status and I receive the Error: Port not open (as with a lot of other users).

The port specified for Utorrent is 38093

My IP Address: (Note that my IP address never refreshes and remains fixed)

As you might have gleaned, I am a newbie to networking and not very handy with LAN connections and proxy networks. Previously, I used a regular broadband connection, where the IP address would change everytime I connected and back then had no problem getting utorrent to work.

Please proffer your suggestions - Once I get this bugging issue resolved, I'll be on way to dloading just like the old days!

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It is possible your proxy allows UPnP, in which case you want to try to let it do that from the preferences. Additionally it's possible Zone Alarm is the culprit. Many people claim to use it without problems and just as many report on here with problems which are resolved after removing it. uT works well with the Windows Firewall, and as long as you are locked down with THAT and only allow services inbound which you trust/specify yourself you are not exposing yourself to LAN snoopers ;)

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