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Little miscount


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No? You don't show the Pieces tab which is more important. I would bet there is 2.7% of that file in-progress. It's been a while since I've touched 1.7 but I think uT only counts non-skipped file % for completed.

Something is off in your torrent. 13921085 MiB into 275 pieces closely matches expected filesize @ 4MiB of 1100 MiB is 5 MiB / piece which is not possible.

Edit: Changed values due to downsizing artifacts.

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There was maximum 5 pices downloading at the same time (each 4 mb).

4*5=20=2% (and actually ~1%). There is 2.7% difference on the screen. And there was up to 5% difference.

I think formula looks like 95=93+(100-93)*(37/100)

Is it a bug?

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