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I think if you add a kind of a task manager to utorrent, would be helpfull.

In Portugal and some other countrys we have the problem with the internacional downloads and uploads, if there is a task manager that start downloading internacional torrents at x time and stop at y time i think its a inovation in torrent clients.

Of course you have a lot of other jobs to do, but think about that one, and maybe some here on site can help you guys devoloping utorrent for a specific countrys.

Thanks in advance

Keep on good work

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Yes i mean scheduler.

And animorc is right.

maybe filters of ip´s can solve the problem, and the program should control the filters time.

example: filters on from 09.00 to 00.00

filters off from 00.00 to 09.00

i think is usefull in diferent countrys like mine, that isp´s allows not much international traffic, and give happy hours to their clients, where the downloads in that time period is free.

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@chaosblade: It's probably not so much the torrent being local, but the peers -- peers from countries outside of one's own would be considered "international."

@Look4you: I remember a discussion about limiting µTorrent transfers by location, but if memory serves me, the idea was shot down. If that's the case, I don't think this idea is going to get very far either =T

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