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.... I answered your question. Some *torrent site made news yesterday for being DDOSd. I don't keep track of them all. I asked why you think posting a site (which could be considered spam or advertising by the dedicated staff) HERE at a client forum is a better case than some of the p2p oriented forums. If it's down it's not the first time google. I understand you're frustrated, but you'll get little to no response from any dedicated staff here about sites other than utorrent.com and bittorrent.com

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Why would I want to contact the owner to ask about the site, I'm sure they have lot's of problems of their own.. if the site is down.. catch my drift?..

5190 posts in under 6 months - Jesus you're a fag!

Take some advice;

- Get a life,

- Get a job then u can stop living with your Mum

- Get a girlfriend (yeah the big kind, best ya can do)


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Where am I bitching? (apart from about you being a Moron)

"How's about you stop bitching on a site that has absolutely nothing to do with the site you're having problems with?"

Well it does really have some relevance... this being a torrent program and that being a torrent website.. hmmzz

Go out for once, but wrap up, it's cold out there!

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haha holy smokes, i can't believe jimlem hasn't been banned for such crassness. any way, gauley, ST has an IRC channel where there'd definitely be up-time related info in the topic or currently being discussed. Regardless, they're back up now, and apparantly it was a miscommunication with the place at which they are hosted. In other news, TorrentLeech was the DDoS'd site, and was getting hit again today. Not surprising at 150,000 users.

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hey jimlem,

no issues with you man!

firstly respect the one who`s trying to help,

secondly, µtorrent has its own rules, need to follow it,

no one called us or invited to use this client,

be a bit more charming when u even when u not getting right in life!

piece of an advice


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