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displayed quantities in utorrent window


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Could anybody please explain what a seed/peer display of 9(17) means?

Does it mean that there were 17 seeds/peers in all history, of which

only 9 are actively communicating now or does it mean that there

are 17 links active now of which only 9 are communicating with me?

In the latter case, does this change if I click 'update tracker'?

I could not find an explanation of the displayed quantities of the utorrent

window anywhere. Explanation of general BT terms - yes. Would it not

be a good idea to write up an faq on this?

(PS: Please, no replies from those 'know all' but 'read nothing' or

perhaps 'read something at times' guys. The answer 'read the encyclopedia'

does not help either. If you are so sure, then please tell me the exact

location where these are explained - I shall be thankful)

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