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recheck says file not complete


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when i try to reseed files it says the files are not complete.

i downloaded 13 single files.

now im reseeding them as a complete season.

when i force a re-check

all of the files show that there missing the first and last piece.

what would cause this?

i posted something like this b4 but that was on my old pc.

this in on my good pc.

also 2 of the files it shows as 0% but there complete and they are named right.

all the files play fine too.

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Just because it's named the same does not mean it is the same. If uT (and any other bittorrent client) says it's not complete it's not the right file ORIGINALLY described in the torrent :(

For the first and last, the first thought is GTHK's suggestion. The next would be what do you use to play your media? Do you index it in some library? Many handlers TAG files which inherently changes the first and / or last piece of the file... therefore it WILL fail hashcheck. If you know what it could have added/changed, try removing it manually through their UI or some other capable editor (what that is depends on the filetype/structure).... or else you will need to download those pieces again if you wish to be seen as a seeder on the FULL SEASON torrent

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i dont know what gthk means?

ive moved the files between pc's

i havent played the files b4 i tried to seed them.

i played them after tho to check them.

the site i got them from uploads a single episode every week, then nukes them after the whole seasons done, then puts up a whole season torrent.

maybe the original seeder of the season torrent played the files so my copy doesnt match any more.

i play them with wmpc

i understand the first and last being diff cus of players changing it.


there was 2 diff copys of the same episode the one i had was diff from the whole season torrent. i though i was missing something.

so if the first or last pieces show as not matching its just from the media player changing it?

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You see that's saying for the file @ position 363.929.025 it's expecting to see a piece with size 3.775.989 out of a piecesize 4194304 (4MiB). That's true I see magnet:?xt=urn:btih:EFUPMZ7I3VGGDPSZMBRXTQ5ZNRR6JMEL&dn=Torchwood.2x11.Adrift.HDTV_XvID-FoV.avi&tr=http://eztv.tracker.thepiratebay.org/announce

... :/ I don't know what to say. Be sure the file is the right name. In 1.8 you can manually change individual files. And IMNSHO that size is being lazy if they're making a torrent of 4550 MiB with a 4 MiB piecesize :( That takes... much longer than 1 MiB piecesize to get out pieces. Sure many people would just hop on the season after they have the individual episodes, but still.

I don't believe uT looks at dates at all. There is no place for a date in the listview either. Are you looking at this in explorer? If that's the case you have one... messed up clock. I dind't think Windows allowed postdating files easily without using TOUCH or an analog... you'd have to change the system time, and I'd hope you didn't set yourself to the year 2098.

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You're contributing to someone else's torrent, yes?

> missing the first and last piece.

> what would cause this?


Bittorrent only understands "pieces". The last piece of one file and the first piece of the next file does not create a hash that matches up with the .torrent piece hash. Something simple as an .NFO, .SFV, or .JPG in the beginning will throw off the piece hashing of the entire torrent. Unless you seed a .torrent file you created, the first and last piece will usually not match up on someone else's torrent.

Also see post four here for explanation on pieces. Maybe the concept will be more clear... It took me a while to get it myself.


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oic so all the files are interconnected?

ya every file had a nfo and it was missing.

so the last/first piece of the nfo and the first/last piece of the avi didnt match cus i didnt have the nfo's


ya cus the pieces are 4mb and the nfos are 10k so the first piece is 10k of nfo and 3990k of the avi.

since the nfo isnt there its also thinking its missing the first 3990k of the avi.

so the 4mb pieces of a torrent could be between actual files.

thanks all

that clears up alot of questions.

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