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Internett crashes when using Utorrent


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When I start up my utorrent and let it run a while my Internett just crashes and I have to reboot my router...

Why is this so? And I have also noticed that there is a yellow warning sign on the bottom of the window saying that I have to open a port to get fully connected... But it shows even if I open the port...

I'm running:

Vista Home Premium

And the router I'm using is a Belkin G+ (wireless) router.

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GTHK: This is because it have been a while since I have had access to a computer since mine have been at service for five weeks... And I forgot about it...

Edit: I got error that Doubble posting was not allowed... so...

And as an answer to Ultima:

ISP: Telenor (Online.no - Norway)

Connection Speed: The Speed test as Flash 8 says: Down:1519kb/sec UP:262kb/sec.

Router: Belkin F5D7231-4_UK_5.01.03

TCP/IP patch: Whats that?

Software/Firewall: Norton 360, Spybot S&D, Windows defender (deactivated), Windows firewall (deactivated) and a firewall in Limewire, but that doesn't count does it?

Software Antivirus: Norton 360, Windows defender (deactivated)


Connection type: xx/10MBIT

Port: 44119

Enable Encryption: Checked

Hope thats what you asked for...

- krt16 -

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I had a Belkin router and it's not just good enough for bittorrent. If you limit the number of connections to somewhere around 100-150 it will work for a while, but eventually it will lock up.

The sad truth is that this Belkin router is made for Mr. Joe Newtotheinternet and any strenuous usage will crash it.

I had similar experiences with a Linksys Wrt54g router, but not as bad as the Belkin, eventually I got me a Zyxel x550 router and with this one I can use up to 10000 connections without crashing the router.

A lot of these cheap routers are just not capable of dealing with a seriously heavy protocol like bittorrent. Some have software problems and crash, others like the Belkin get so hot the hardware locks up.

I was able to run my Belkin for a while after I installed a fan and drilled holes in the case for ventilation. Eventually got fed up as it was still unreliable and I had to stop torrents clients just so I could surf at the same time.

Not what you want to hear, sorry.....

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WRT54G's will work a little better when upgraded, and a lot better when given DD-WRT, if you have the right model. I've heard disabling the SPI firewall will fix router crashing, I plan on load testing my Linksys at some point with that option as the variable.

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