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Ratio reporting gone haywire


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When demonoid came back up, I started up a bunch of torrents I had "mothballed". Some of those now show ratios in the thousands. Like 5883! I am watching the actual number of seeds and trying to ignore those numbers but they sure play havoc with my Queue. Anyway to reset them?

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Not to sound too obtuse here, but consider this example.

I downloaded a torrent last October. The folder is 99.4 MB

I removed the torrent from the program but left the file in the folder since the tracker was gone.

I readded the torrent to the program. Now, this is what it says:

download 100%

available 100%

uploaded 146 MB

ratio 9405

so it seems that the ratio should be 1.46 (upload total divided by download total),

so is the is value I want to change? And if I do, will it continue to stay corrected?

Not so sure what is meant by 'in your case' - does that mean me Ramalama or Hermanm

I did look at the other thread you mentioned but I have not uploaded anything close to that ratio.

What makes things even more frustrating is that demonoid is not updating ratios which is a good thing since if I start messing with data in the torrents and change things to zero I could go below 1.00!

Question specifically for Ultima - you said, "Remove and re-add" or edit. I think I will try the first of these first. What I want to know is this - would it be correct to do this in the following order?

Stop the torrent (currently seeding)

Remove (NOT delete) from the job list

Add back to the job list


Would you suggest anything else?

I know this may be nitpicky but these numbers are approaching 10,000 and making me crazy.

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> 'in your case' - does that mean me Ramalama or Hermanm

You Ramalama. You edit the download stats to reflect your historical amount downloaded which is 99.4MB. Then you would get your ratio of 1.46. Their argument is that technically when you added the torrent in the program this time, nothing was "downloaded" since the data already exists on your hard drive. Your ratio is very high because the downloaded amount is very small or nothing.

> demonoid is not updating ratios

They update once a day, I think. Ratios are not enforced according to their FAQ.

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Thanks for making this clearer. Those of us who are new at this (read leechers only ;) ) need a bit more help. I am still using 1.7 so will upgrade to 1.8 and make the help files more readily available.

I still don't get WHY not all my torrents where I had 100% of the data did not do this. Oh well, at least i can fix it, as the first one has now hit the 10,000 mark.

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> I still don't get WHY not all my torrents where I had 100% of the data did not do this.

It seems µTorrent, for whatever reason, does not remember download & upload stats for torrents once you remove it. So, when it add the torrent but have the data already on your hard drive, your download will show up as zero. This is why I suggested they consider "Force Recheck" a form of "downloading" so that download stats show up like you want and you can set your ratio like the rest of your torrents.

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If you have nothing downloaded according to the General tab, the ratio is correct. It would use the full size of the torrent..... are you sure you did not skip the files? I don't recall how or if that affects 1.7 ratio reporting.

Your numbers however show you downloaded 16 KiB. If you want the ratio to report based upon the total torrent remove or delete the afforementioned downloaded key in resume.dat

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I solved the problem the easy way. I simply took a good look at the number of seeds and decided that the old torrents that I had added back were well enough seeded to no longer remain in the pool and I nuked 'em. (Not the data, just the .torrent files) and only left my burgeoning list of babies in the job list. BTW - demonoid just refreshed their ratio data and the insanity reflected in my half dozen torrents with ratios in the 10,000 is not reflected! :lol:

I did download the torrent editor program and am investingating it.

Thanks a bunch for everyting.

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