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problem as quiting utorrent and starting again ,all files verifying !!


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Using utorrent v1.8 beta build 9599.

Since approx. a month ago , as I am exiting utorrent and later starting again I find utorrent verifying all my files which I am downloding (really killing me,a lot of GB to check and my harddrive is crying a lot !!)

Help me please ???

J'utilise utorrent version 1.8 beta (build 9599).

Depuis pres d'un mois , lorsque je ferme le programme utorrent et bien plutart que je le reouvre , utorrent me verifie tous les torrents qui ne sont pas termines (ca me rend dingue car il y a pas mal de Go et mon disque dur en prend plein la gueule!!)

Aidez-moi svp ???

Thank you very much,hope to have answers very quickly...

Merci beaucoup,en attendant vos reponses...

(mon anglais n'est pas super...desole)

(sorry my english is not perfect...)

Commodore rulez !

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Hi Jew elisheaven,

thanks for your advice but still it is not working.The symptoms are as follows:

as I close utorrent -it looks like the utorrent window freezes for a few seconds (7 or 8) and then horror blasphemy here we go again with the checking for almost 100 GB.I am tired and does not seem to success in it but I do not dare much to change the advanced settings to true/false.Do I have to ? I have read some forum info but scary so I do not.I did not read the faq yet though (oups).OK.THank you and keep in touch if you got me anything to deal with (it seems you have a lot of unanswered courriers to write to) spare me a minute .I was wondering anyway : is there outthere someone else who got the same problem as I...


Sawadee khrap...took tran !

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If uT does not close cleanly (10 seconds is default) then when you start again it will do the checking.

Are you always closing uT with the computer still ON? If so, changing to TRUE won't hurt anything, EXCEPT the speed at which you can re-open uT. You must wait for the OLD uT to leave the Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) before you can start it again.

PLEASE try it with enabled TRUE to see if it stops. On my slow system it takes minutes to check even 10 GiB >< So I know how you feel.

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