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Download Capped at 150kb/s???


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I have a 1.5Mbps connection. For some reason, my bittorrent speed is capped at 150kb/s total. If i have multiple torrents running, the total download does not exceed 150kb/s. (one will be 40kbps, another 40kbps, and another 60kbps)

Ports are forwarded correctly, I increased the # of half open connections using a patch and increased it in the advanced preferences as well. Im using forced protocol encryption (allow incoming legacy connections unchecked). I also have limited my upload to 50% of my maximum

I have Qwest DSL, and am guessing they are limiting my bittorrent bandwidth? What can i do to increase my download speed?


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Pay for a faster line.

1.5 megabits/second download bandwidth cannot be 100% used for torrent file transfers no matter how you cut it.

And even converting megabits/second to KiloBYTES/second and assuming 100% perfect speeds (which you can't get due to laws of the universe failing)...that's still 187.5 KiloBYTES/second.

Figuring in overheads of the TCP/IP protocol that the internet uses, DSL's MTU size being smaller than LAN or cablemodems (PPPoE can really suck), BitTorrent's own overheads (*ESPECIALLY* bad if you have 100+ connections at once or high half-open rate with encrypted connections!), DHT in uTorrent (which runs about 0.5-8 KiloBYTES/sec used both down and up)...then 150 KiloBYTES/second download speeds in uTorrent really is getting close to what you're paying for.

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Connection speeds are not typically described in MegaBYTES/sec, certainly not by ISPs.

Even assuming you have 1.5 MegaBYTES/sec down, have you ever seen speeds that fast when downloading from websites?

What about your upload speed?

uTorrent is far more rate-limited by slow upload speed than slow download. If you're uploading really slowly for instance you're far less likely to max out your download speed.

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