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Utorrent kills internet - Bittorrent ( based on same client ) doesn't?


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Could someone explain what the hell is going on? If I use uttorrent it kills my internet to the point of a reboot needed. The official Bitorrent client which is basically a branded utorrent works fine?

I ruled out the router by plugging my cable modem direct to computer, it still does it. So I decided to download the official bitorrent client which is based off the same utorrent code and it works fine!

1: The settings between the two clients are EXACTLY the same.

2: I tried downloading various torrents and ONLY UTORRENT kills the internet.

3: I am tried a direct cable connection to my pc, so it is NOT the router.

4: I have a firewall exception in windows

5: I have NO software firewalls

6: I have NOD32, so disabled that with no luck

7: Bitorrent works totally fine, no dead internet.

My config :

Windows Vista 64bit SP1


4GB Ram

Linksys WRT54GS

Scientific Atalanta cable modem

Freshly formatted

There has to be some fundamental differences between these two clients for this to happen. Could someone explain what they are? This is driving me nuts, no luck with the latest beta either.

For reference threads that have the same / similar issue:








I searched all those threads, and none of them have a solution. So I really have no idea how to fix this.

For reference I tried everything in the guide below, except the tcpip patch as there is not one for X64 with SP1:


Considering the settings are the same in the official bitorrent client it makes no sense!

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Tried that, still get a lot of issues with Utorrent and Vista. I can connect now, but it kills my internet for a few minutes while it is updating trackers.

I know this is not limited to me from searching the forums, there is something in Utorrent that it does different to other clients.

I have used a number of other clients such as azureus, bitcomet etc with no issues but I do not like their interface and memory usage. I really want to use utorrent and am willing to do any tests you require to resolve this issue. I cannot understand why it kills my connection, it gets even worse if I up my max connections, but this is not the case with any other client.

For reference the bitorrent version still slows my connection, but to the extreme of the current and beta of utorrent.

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Well I just tried something, not sure if it helps you guys but lowered the max half open connections to 4 instead of 8. This helped a lot, still pausing but only for a few seconds while the seeds populate.

Maybe in the next version you could consider setting the default max connections to 4, but giving a pop up on install and first launch to modify it with a warning that it could cause problems?

I am unable to patch the tcpip as there is no 64bit version for SP1 as of yet.

It has to be a software issue as a reboot always fixes the issue.


Ok took it down to 2 half open and no more timeouts. My conclusion is to reduce the default max connections for a default install. This would most likely stop the vast amount of vista related issues, that thus far nobody from utorrent has really tried to address other than that standard faq stuff.

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