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upload speed plz help


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When you set initial seed mode your client ONLY sends out 1 piece to a peer until they share it with another peer. If you have few peers (under 5) connected to you it may be better to turn it off if you ALWAYS want to upload at / near your up limit.



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Using a speed test I get around 210kB/s up speed, so my µTorrent limit is set to 186, but my up speed won't go anything past 45kB/s, even in Initial-seeding mode when starting a torrent on Demonoid.com.

What gives? I've read all the FAQs and related threads, my router isn't listed as faulty n I'm not running anything else to complicate things like NOD32 or Tor. But I can't seem to get this to go any faster.

Any suggestions or do I just have to be ridiculously patient and dedicate 100% of my bandwidth to uploading all these files until they're done? (It's gonna take forever, I have around 10 new torrents of 4.6GB .ISOs I need to get up...)

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Mangzbo try some of the troubleshooting steps @ http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992 ... If you can't connect to peers TO UPLOAD TO, that's a place to start. If you are connecting but not putting any data out there check out post #2 which mentions things to change/turn-off.

Neurot1k if you're uploading to alot of peers simultaneously, decrease slots to see if that helps. It's possible your linespeed you mention is not KiBps but Kbps??

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is 10(16) considered a lot? Cause I didn't think so, I was about to try that though...

I have no idea if it was bytes or bits, the speedtest just labeled it as kB/s?

edit:// it's not even MY internet, really. I'm staying at my girl's parents' cause we moved across the country n needed a place to stay, so I'm not even sure what they pay for. I imagine just the cheapest, standard connection though (cable through RCN).

Decreasing slots from 8 to 5 only made my highest upload reach 47kB/s instead of 45... this is frustrating.

edit2:// Whoa, after the ratio on this uploading torrent finally hit 1.000 (after 26ish hours), the seeds dropped to 0, but the availability is marked at 1.738... what's with that? Do I just have to seed to like 150% to get it to 2 available before I should stop seeding or what?

(Sorry, I'm a total n00b with uploads)

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Please help

Been a user of utorrent for quite some time and never really had any problems with upload speeds.

But now I cant seed at a good rate or at all. It sometimes peaks at 2kB then dies.

I followed the instructions in this forum on preventing bottlenecks and opening ports in zonealarm.

Everything has been set to 32kB but seeds only get to 4kB and then drops out.

I feel guilty as hell downloading and not being able to seed some are gems I've found.

Please help before I P**S off the entire community.

Regards Ted

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What's your connection type, speed, and ISP?

Many ISPs block, throttle, or cripple in other ways BitTorrent traffic.

Are you even getting your line's rated download and UPLOAD speeds on things other than uTorrent/BitTorrent?


It was probably just coincidence that seeds dropped to 0 as you hit a 1:1 upload:download ratio.

Availability counts your seed as 1 by itself, so all the peers combined (THAT you are currently connected to!) only have about 73.8% of the torrent if you leave.

There could be other seeds and peers you cannot see/connect to that have more copies of the torrent, however generally the tracker's returned numbers for seeds/peers is at least close to true.

It sounds like you only have 384 kilobits/sec max upload speed...so hitting 47 KiloBYTES/sec isn't bad. I can only upload steadily at 42-43 KiloBYTES/sec...and sometimes fail to even do that. :(

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That speed is what I had before changing ISP.

What happens now is that it bounces to 4kB for a second and then drops to 0

Downloading is not an issue. It's just not being able to seed anything to anyone when I can see they aren't any seeders but myself.

I have been through the Ultima's guide and will take a look at the other.

Thanks for the input


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My connection is by USB modem ( though i have tried using a router with the same results even after port forwarding)

Speed is around 6Mb

I know that my ISP throttles but not to this extent.

I use ZoneAlarm and Nod32 set up using the forum's instructions, but I never had to configure anything in these two applications when I was getting 40kB.

And no I don't use any other client.

With Utorrent I do not use :DHT, enable UPNP or NAT-PMP

But I do have Protocol encryption enabled and peer exchange/discovery enabled.

Thanks again


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